Our unexpected meeting produced an unexpected result producing friendship, alliances on our part being invited to sit with his representatives during his presentation. We observed how the diplomatic core came equipped with their dutiful magazine, video and DVD presentation, beautiful art posters on their history and oral lectures on their knowledge of the history of their lost family members found here in the West. They extolled the ancient Olmec culture as a sign of African origin, as well as pointing to the heroes of the slave trade who were brought to Mexico and sought valiantly to be freed from the exploitation of slave trafficking under the Spanish and the Portuguese. They referenced the first great liberator of the Americas named Gasper Yanga who came from a princely family in Africa. Some of the historians describe Yanga as being born of a Muslim royal family in either Guinea Bassau or from Ghana; and upon arriving in the Port of Vera Cruz in chains struggled to be free from his captivity along with several of his companions who hid out in the mountains to fight their Spanish captors.


His 400th anniversary celebration took place in January 2009 (1609 + 400 years = 2009). In the course of our enslavement in America, there is no mention of this great hero who is mentioned in the history of Mexico. All over our planet, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that the Black Man's true history has been buried and we were put to sleep for thousands of years so that the White man, the last of the races, would rule over our indigenous population everywhere we are found on the planet.

Gasper Yanga, First Liberater of the Americas.

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