Founder’s Vision for Project Mxodus and Business Enterprises This vision statement is addressed to all distinguished prospective investors and business leaders from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, wife of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, detailing her proposal and business plan.


























Welcome to Paradise, a land flowing with milk and honey, plush tropical rain forests, lakes, enchanted valleys, and water falls in abundance. This describes the beautiful setting and land reserve in the southern state of Chiapas in Mexico, ideally located near the most famous Mayan complex and archeological zone of Palenque. This area borders the Central American Countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize.




















This property has an outlet to the sea and the Gulf of Mexico at the famous Port of Veracruz. The nearby state of Tabasco is home to the Olmec Culture, Mother Civilization of Mexico, which extends into the Yucatan Peninsula and Quintana Roo. We offer to you an unprecedented opportunity as a prospective investor and participant in a new joint venture to enter Paradise.


The property offered is a fabulous piece of real estate for development called “Paraiso Maya Palenque” by the owners, a wonderful couple named Mr. & Mrs. Padilla, with whom I have developed a flourishing and rewarding friendship. The enclosed package and business plan for your consideration is formally being presented to us for purchase and development.


The prices enclosed reflect not only the land, but its complete structural development to be undertaken by our own architectural building designers and visionaries.























This is an opportunity to enter into eco-tourism at its best, capturing actual rain forest reserves connected to a huge man-made lake with waterfalls, a space conducive to developing our own spiritual and meditation center, health spas for healing and rejuvenation, hotels, and commercial trading in commodities and commerce.











































This area leads to an outlet to the Caribbean and across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa, Europe, and Asia. This is a territory rich in unknown valuable resources, minerally rich and productive in fruits. Under the name Mxodus, we have already begun developing estate grown organic coffee from the highlands of Chiapas. We are currently distributing this product to the United States under the label and name brand Mxodus.
























We are developing a cultural exchange and training program for our youth to become the entrepreneurs and business people of a New Era, which includes, agricultural enterprises with a variety of training courses that will help to provide employment in community related services both at home and abroad. Providing training programs for our youth to serve as ambassadors for world peace and are designing courses of study in the arts and sciences of civilization.


We have initiated “Mxodus Tours” in collaboration with Professor Toni Mokjaetji-Humber, Ph.D from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, who is our educational tour guide, conducting the tours along with myself exploring the African Diaspora in Mexico as well as Black History and indigenous cultures from ancient times.


Below is a partial summary of the business plan for a Joint Venture Agreement























  • Eco-tourism to be developed as a tourist resort with health benefits, including hotels and spas, a non-denominational spiritual and meditation center, a medical center for alternative healing for the practice of a healthy life style in a harmonious environment, integrated with programs of trade and commerce. We are surrounded by a tropical rainforest and waterfalls comprised of the best trees for furniture making, medicinal plants, tropical flowers, black fertile soil for agricultural projects, botanical gardens, surrounded by a huge lake and recreational area with a spectacular view of the mountains. The property is located near the most prestigious Mayan archeological site of Palenque, famous for the discovery of the tomb of a noble ruler named Pacal Votan, buried beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions in a manner similar to that of the ancient Egyptians.


  • Residential areas are available for investment to build homes within this sacred and peaceful environment.


  • In view of an eco-touristic development, there are zoned areas for commerce and trade opportunities, the building of four and five star hotels, restaurants, and gift shops which will be located near the recreational areas for boating, water sports, and entertainment.


  • We plan to develop a long range of cultural, economic, and social exchange programs between our communities in America and abroad with those of Mexico.


























The State of Chiapas borders Guatemala and is part of the Maya route which includes El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Quintana Roo, and the Yucatan Peninsular with an outlet for trade with the Caribbean Nations, Central and South America crossing the Atlantic to Africa, Europe, and Asia. Going west from the property leads us to the Pacific Ocean and to the islands from Hawaii to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand and the vast Continent of Asia.


  • We have opened a market with our first product by exporting our own estate grown organic coffee under the Mxodus label, with further opportunities to trade in other products from the region. For a full presentation, we invite you to join our Mxodus Tours and enter the beautiful land of Paradise. This project forms part of a vision of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and team members of Project Mxodus inspired by the Guidance and Divine Teachings of her husband, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The present owners of the Property, Mr. and Mrs. Padilla, jointly invite you to tour this property called ‘Paraiso Maya Palenque’. Mother Tynnetta Muhammad will also be your host. This is a journey that you will never forget and will want to return, never to depart.




For further details on Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s background and vision please read her letter of introduction.

Partial view of the land being offered in Chiapas

Picturesque waterfall (Aqua Azul) located in the natural environs of Mexico

Beautiful Man-made Lake

Presentation of Mxodus coffee, organically grown in the Highlands of Chiapas

Temple of the Inscriptions housing the famous tomb of Pacal Votan at the Archeological site of Palenque, Chiapas

"Paraiso Maya Paleneque"

Additional image depicting the beautiful landscape of

"Paraiso Maya Palenque"

Usumacinta River, which forms the border between Chiapas and Guatemala

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