Introduction to Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s

Initial Travels to Mexico


Beginning a little over 44 years ago in1965, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad was guided to travel for the first time to Mexico.  She began her studies of the Spanish language at the International University of Coahuila in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico as an exchange student.


She traveled from the state of New Mexico crossing the border in Laredo, Texas.  She was always inspired because of her part Indian heritage to know more about the Indigenous People living in the Americas. 


While a student in Mexico, she had the opportunity to travel with one of her teachers south to Mexico City and began her visit to the Archeological sites in the states of Veracruz, Tabasco and Chiapas, an area surrounded by a thick rain forest where she was introduced to the Olmec-Mayan culture and the people of the Lacandon Mayan descent.


She always felt an endearing connection to this beautiful virgin land and it’s people.  She imagined that she had entered paradise, going through the forests with an Indian guide and a machete, crossing over breathtaking landscapes of waterfalls, lagoons, and towering trees that blanketed the sunlight. 


She never imagined that 44 years later she would return to this magical land and become involved in a project that would include land acquisitions, trade and commerce, health spas for healing and regeneration, cultural, and educational exchange programs and much more. She remembered a vivid dream that occurred some 35 years ago in which she was standing inside of an immense crystal tower that was surrounded entirely by the plush beauty of the rain forest. 


Her deep involvement with learning about the Indigenous families of this area led her to many extended expeditions in which her four children accompanied her to the states of Tabasco, Vera Cruz, and Chiapas. 


Today she has made enduring friendships with the 3rd and 4th generations of the Lacandon family that traces it’s roots back to the well-known guide of the Lacandon rainforest, Chan Kin, whom she met in 1965 in the area called La Granja.  Her efforts have now been extended to the Mxodus Project, which she founded and includes, coffee products from the highlands of Chiapas, educational tours, and land acquisitions that include an area called Pan Chan, located on the borderline of the most famous Mayan Archeological Zone called, Palenque, The Heartbeat Of Mayanland.


This is just a brief introduction to Mother Muhammad’s link to Mexico and the initiation of her first travels to this country.


In 1974 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was Divinely Guided to establish a residence for her and a part of their offspring with teachings, guidelines, and instructions about the future of Mexico and its relationship to other parts of the world.


She was assigned by him a diplomatic mission to go to the Mexican Government for help in establishing a school, and was being prepared to serve as host to those persons who would come in the future as supporters of this cause. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was seeking a way to establish friendships with our neighbors to the South in a time of universal crisis and trouble, which is presently brewing the world over. There are a few witnesses from among the Native American and Hispanic communities who were also assigned to work in confidence on this major problem of our future survival in the country of Mexico.


Most recently, one of the foremost Shamans and spiritual leaders of the Itza Mayan tradition from the Yucatan Peninsula named, Hunbatz Men, visited the large 110 hectares of land named, “Paraiso Maya Palenque,” by the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Padilla.  He was so moved by what he saw that he shared with us his vision for its' development.  He saw the gathering of many peoples from around the world coming from all spiritual paths being united as one in a great spiritual center of the world.  He expressed his backing and support in working to help organize this project according to our vision.


These powerful testimonies will be made available upon request to any potential investor and supporter of this project and initiative of such a spiritual, educational and economic prosperity plan.


It is now thirty-four years since the Honorable Elijah Muhammad established his residence in Mexico, and great friendships have developed that has led to the initiation of Project Mxodus, which began approximately three years ago. Trade began with the product of organic coffee from the highlands of Chiapas, under the label, “Mxodus”.


 A small group of individuals from the U.S.A. began making friendships with our people in Mexico.  From this initial product, we were offered small parcels of land as an operational base for our business enterprises, which includes a vegetarian restaurant and small bungalows for tourism. We have investigated other products for trade produced in the region, including cocoa beans, vanilla beans, small red navy beans, tropical flowers, medicinal plants, and other agricultural products.


To this has now been added, a larger tract of land open to eco-tourism involving the building of hotels, spas, restaurants, residential areas with recreational facilities, a large man-made lake, and waterfalls on the property, as well as the potential for creating a convention center and sponsoring a wide variety of cultural and educational programs and events. 


We have entered negotiations with the owners to purchase this property, who love our vision, and the opportunity to develop intercultural exchange programs, which will incorporate all religious people and societies worldwide.  This is also an opportunity for the people of Mexico to improve standards of living in the state of Chiapas, employing the people of the indigenous population.


A joint venture partnership has been discussed with the owners, which will give our potential investors and supporters the opportunity to become shareholders and associates in a multi-million dollar international trade and commerce endeavor, and eco-tourism which will link us to the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia, America, and the South Pacific.


This opportunity should not be missed by any of our potential investors. 




Finally, it is my prayer, my vision and my hope that we can all come

together to experience this reality in truth and in perfect harmony for

World Peace!



Humbly Submitted,



Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

Wife of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Founder Of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Educational Foundation

And The Mxodus Project



For fuller dissertation on the business plan we have included several addendums with detailed descriptions of the land and its infrastructure, licensing, registrations of every parcel of the land that is being offered by the owners.



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